Peak District 4

‘Stanage in November’, oil on canvas, 93cm x 73cm, 22/11/2020, Private collection.

‘Stanage towards Hollin Bank’, oil on canvas, 71cm x 91cm, 22/12/2020. Private collection.
‘Winnats Pass’, oil on canvas, 780mm x 600mm, 06/04/2021. Private collection.
‘Stanage Edge, Hollin Bank’, oil on canvas, 61cm x 91cm, 18/02/2021. Private collection
‘Winnets Pass 2’, oil on canvas, 910mm x 610mm, 08/04/2021. Private collection.
‘Winnats Pass from Castleton’, oil on canvas, 760mm x 610mm, 14/04/2021. Private collection.
‘Goyts Valley’, oil on canvas, 800mm x 600mm. 01/05/2021 Private collection.
‘Hope Valley From Stanage Edge’, oil on canvas, 610mm x 914mm. 08/06/2021. Private collection.
‘Burbage Brook’, oil on canvas, 620mm x 914mm. 09/07/2021. Private collection.
‘Chatsworth from the Upper Estate’, oil on canvas, 800mm x 600mm. 28/07/2021. Private collection
‘Winnats Pass in Even Light’, oil on canvas, 910mm x 610mm. 11/08/2021. Private collection.
‘Higger Tor and Carl Wark from Upper Burbage’, oil on canvas, 910mm x 610mm, 15/10/2021 Private collection.
‘Solomon’s Temple’, oil paint on canvas, 1210mm x 914mm. 28/10/2021. Private collection
‘Barlow from Barlow Lees Lane’, oil on canvas. 920mm x 720mm. 07/11/2021. Private collection
‘Burbage Brook’, oil on canvas, 720mm x 920mm. 20/11/2021. Private collection.
‘Balancing Stone on Stanage Edge’, oil on canvas, 600mm x 900mm, 04/01/2022. Private collection.

2 thoughts on “Peak District 4

  1. How can I get in touch to buy one of your paintings? Love them all but looking at the Stanage Edge ones in particular.


    1. Hi Joanna,

      It’s nice to hear that you like my paintings, especially the Stanage Edge ones. You’ve done the right thing just getting in touch. As you can see a lot of them have been sold, but there are 3 on ‘Peak District 4’ and ‘Peak District 3’ that are still available. If nothing really grabs you then I’m happy to go out and create a fresh oil painting of Stanage, like a commission, but no extra cost. Even then you’re not obliged to purchase, if it doesn’t suit you, as I exhibit work with the PDA twice a year and will show the painting if unpurchased.

      It’s easier to communicate via my email:

      Looking forward to hearing from you Joanna.

      All the best,


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