Background:                                                                                                                                        I am very lucky to have the Moss Valley on my doorstep and I drive through it every day. I like to paint the swooping landscape and decorative arable design of fields defined by woods and dry stone walls. My direct response is expressed through washes of oil colour and impasto paint, drips and scratches to connect viscerally to the mood of landscape. It is important for me to draw and paint from direct observation as I work fast to describe the thrill of being in the landscape. I also paint in and around Sheffield, in fact anywhere that inspires me within driving distance with my car full of paint and canvas. I have been painting in and around Sheffield seriously since 1983 when I came to the city to study art at Sheffield Hallam. I achieved a first class degree and became an art teacher to support myself.

Contact:   07903 040182

I enjoy discussing art so please feel free to contact me to share ideas and opinions about the paintings or drawings using the ‘contact’ box below.

Buying original paintings:                                                                                                            If you are interested in buying a painting then please use the same ‘contact’ box, phone number or email address above. They are all original oil paintings on canvas and are framed professionally. Prices range from £200 for a small canvas to £500 for a large one.

Commissions:                                                     If you like my style of painting, but you have a particular subject you want me to paint, please contact me using the form below to discuss a commission.

Buying limited editions of original ipad drawings:                                                            Original ipad drawings are also available for printing and can be printed a variety of sizes on paper from £30 unframed to £150 framed.

15 thoughts on “Information:

  1. I love your stanage painting! We have left the peak after 20 years and are now in Cheshire but I’d love an original mam tor houndskirk and burbage are all favourites


    1. Hi Del, nice to hear from you and receive your kind words. Glad to hear you like some of my paintings, I certainly enjoyed making them. I do sell my art and I’m preparing for ‘Art in the Gardens’ exhibition early in September. My art sells for £300 – £375 and I’d be interested in focussing on a particular view that you like. All the best, Craig


  2. Hi,
    I saw your picture ‘tulips past their best’ at an exhibition in Sheffield this weekend and really liked it. I wasnt able to buy this weekend, but wondered if it did sell, and if not, if its possible to buy from you directly?
    Many thanks,


    1. Hi Anna, glad you liked the painting, it is one of my favourites. I don’t think I sold it as I have not been informed. I’m collecting them tomorrow, so I will contact you when I’m home at 6. Cheers, Craig


  3. Hi Craig
    Just been to the Sheffield Art Show- I loved the Stanage Early evening oil painting. Went to buy it but the man in front of me had just purchased it. I note on your website you have another of the same name albeit a little smaller (75×60) just wondering if that’s available please? Kind regards Jane


    1. Hi Jane, glad you enjoyed the painting of Stanage in the early evening light. Unfortunately that is the only one. The one on the website is the same picture. It’s a different price as it’s minus the 30% commission from the gallery. I’m sorry. But I will be painting similar views and will post them on this website. They’re also cheaper without the commissiob. 👍🏻


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