Painting in The Peak District

stanage from cowper stone 2
‘Stanage from Cowper Stone’, oil on canvas, August 2017, 104cm, x 78cm
Stanags, Long Causeway
‘Stanage, Long Causeway’, oil on canvas, 93cm x 73cm, April 2017
stanage looking towards hooks car
‘Stanage looking towards Hooks Car’, oil on canvas, 91cm x 71cm, August 2017. Private collection
highland cattle at fiddlers elbow
‘Highland Cattle at Fiddlers Elbow’, oil on canvas, 46cm x 60cm, June 2017
stanage from Cowper Stone
‘Stanage from Cowper Stone’, oil on canvas, 76cm x 102cm, June 2017
Stanage Long Causeway towards Hope
‘Stanage, Long Causeway, towards Hope’, oil on canvas, 920mm x 720mm, May 2017
‘Burbage’, oil on canvas, 800mm x 300mm, May 2017
‘Stanage – North Lees, Dennis Knoll 2’, oil on canvas, February 2017. 920mm x 720mm. Private collection
‘Stanage North Lees from Dennis Knoll’, oil on canvas, February 2017. 930mm x 740mm. Private collection
Craig Longmuir ‘Cordite Corner in The Lawrence Field Quarry’ oil paint on Canvas. 710mm x 920mm October 2016
‘Stanage Edge from High Nebb’, oil on canvas, 930mm x 710mm, December 2016. Private collection.
‘Hathersage from Millstone Edge’ oil on canvas, 930mm x 710mm, January 2017. Private collection
‘Stanage Edge from High Nebb 2’, oil on canvas, 750 x 600mm, January 2017. Private collection
‘Stanage Edge Looking Towards Baslow’ oil on canvas, September 2016, private collection
‘Stanage Edge from Buck Stone’ oil on canvas, September 2016. Private collection
‘Higger Tor from Coggers Lane’ oil paint on canvas. 310mm x 760mm. September 2015
‘High Nebb from Carr Lane’, oil paint on canvas. 760mm x 510mm. July 2015
‘The River Derwent from Grindleford’, oil paint on canvas from observation. 710mm x 920mm, September 2015. Private collection.
‘Stanage from Abney near Hathersage’ oil on canvas, 610mm x 760mm. July 2015
‘Stanage from across The Hope Valley at Abney’, oil on canvas, 710mm x 920mm. July 2015. Private collection

‘Upper Burbage from the Bridge’ oil paint on canvas, 760mm X 600mm. May 2015

3 thoughts on “Painting in The Peak District

  1. Hi Craig – met you in the rain bedraggled Botanical Gardens and admired your landscape work; so vivid and full of movement. We compared notes on creating ‘in the moment’ and working at speed – you of necessity and me in my poetry to avoid pretentious rewrites! Anyway, glad to have tracked down your site to see more of your work.

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